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Slim Tiny Mini-ITX mITX PC Car Chassis Case Enclosure


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Compact Mini-ITX PC Chassis Case Enclosure





Home, Auto, Embedded & Custom Applications!!



9.25" X 7.25" X 2.25"  Slim and Tiny Profile CASE


SILENT w/ 2 Case FANS Included

Supports Most Atom, Via and ION & AMD Mini-ITX Motherboards




The Perfect PC Case for your  Home Server ,AUTO , NAS, Living Room , Media or Custom Application Needs


Use this in a Auto with 12V to ATX Power Supply

or Directly Plug into a Mini-ITX with 12V DC Input 



Only 2 Silent Fans on the Chasis - For Silent Operation


morex 5677 mini-itx


   *  AMD Geode LX800
          o MS-9801
    *  AMD Geode NX 1750
          o J7F3E-1750
    *  AMD Mobile Turion 64 X2
          o D2703-S-TL56
    *  Core 2 Duo Mobile (Montevina)
          o i45GMt-HD
          o NF93R-LF
          o MS-9818
          o KEMX-4030
    *  Core 2 Duo Mobile (Napa)
          o i945GMt-FSA
          o J9F2-KHDE
          o MS-7265
          o MS-9642
    *  Core 2 Duo Mobile (Santa Rosa)
          o i965GMt-LA
          o GA-6KIEH-RH
          o MS-9803
    *  Intel Atom 230
          o D945GCLF
          o NC92-230-LF
          o IONITX-B-E
    *  Intel Atom 330 (dual core)
          o D945GCLF2
          o NC92-330-LF
          o MS-9832
          o IPX7A-ION330
          o IONITX-A-U
    *  Intel Atom D410
          o D410PT
    *  Intel Atom D510 (dual core)
          o D510MO
          o NC96FL-510
    *  Intel Atom N270
          o D945GSEJT
          o NF94-270-LF
          o MS-9830
          o KEMX-2031
          o KEMX-2130
    *  VIA C3
          o M10000G
          o MII12000G
          o ML8000AG
    *  VIA C7
          o J7F2WE-1G
          o J7F2WE-1G5
          o J7F2WE-2G
          o J7F5M2H-VHE
          o MS-9802
          o CN10000EG
          o CN13000G
          o EN15000G
          o EX10000EG
          o EX15000G
          o LN10000EG
          o LT10000EAG
          o LT15000AG
          o SN10000EG
          o SN18000G
          o EPIA-M700-10
          o EPIA-M700-15
    *  VIA C7-D
          o VB7001G
          o VB7002G
    *  VIA Eden
          o J7F2WE-1G2
          o J7F5M1G2-VHE
          o EN12000EG
    *  VIA Eden-ESP
          o ME6000G
          o MII6000EG
          o ML6000EAG
    *  VIA Nano
          o NF76-N1G6-LF
          o NF76-N1GL-LF
          o VB8001-16


 Internal or External Power Module (DC-DC ATX Etc ) and a suitable Mini-ITX Motherboard

Kit includes :


Mini-ITX Case with 2 Case FANS , 2.5" HDD Caddy and Screws , Power LED , Power Switch