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Mini Intel Atom Untangle pfsense Enterprise Business Firewall Router 4X LAN


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Ultra-compact Mini Intel Atom Untangle 10 (or pfsense) Business/Home Firewall

~ Supports upto 10-25 users.

 Everything you wanted in a compact Enterprise Grade Firewall Appliance

- Intel Atom Efficiency with an unmatched 4 Port - Intel Gigabit Ethernet Reliability

List Price :- $799.00




Untangle 64 Bit (Version 10.x) or PFsense


Untangle 10 ready to use out of the box.

Untangle 10

Offering a versatile, energy-efficient Intel Atom-based Firewall platform with Untangle, this compact unit is ideal for a variety of deployments ranging from small business to educational institutions and firewalls for home/offices. Available with 4x LAN ports, this system is perfect for use as a Web Filter, Spam Blocker, Spyware Blocker, Protocol Control, Virus Blocker, Phish Blocker, Intrusion Prevention device, Attack Blocker, Firewall, OpenVPN, Reports tool, and Router. There also are commercial support packages available direct from Untangle. See here for more information: https://support.untangle.com/home.

Depending on use and network load, this configuration may support up to 10-25 users (with the available 4 LAN ports , you can configure as a DMZ, if required for your application).

Untangle Features:
Untangle delivers an integrated family of applications that simplify and consolidate the network and security products that businesses need at the network gateway.
  • Pre-configured to work right away
  • Downloadable for rapid deployment
  • Integrated with a common GUI, logging & reporting.
Note: Use of Untangle based network appliances requires familiarity with a variety of network and firewall concepts and is recommended for IT professionals and experienced network administrators.

General configuration is via GUI or using VGA & keyboard




pfsense ready to use out of the box.

  • pfsense


  • Filters by source and destination IP, IP protocol, source and destination port for TCP and UDP traffic
  • Utilizes p0f, an advanced passive OS/network fingerprinting utility to allow you to filter by the Operating System initiating the connection.
  • Has a highly flexible policy routing made possible by selecting gateway on a per-rule basis (for load balancing, failover, multiple WAN, etc.)
  • Allows grouping and naming of IPs, networks and ports. This helps keep your firewall ruleset clean and easy to understand, especially in environments with multiple public IPs and numerous servers.
  • Is transparent layer 2 firewalling capable—can bridge interfaces and filter traffic between them, even allowing for an IP-less firewall
  • Offers packet normalization: enabled in pfSense by default
  • Has a disable filter: you can turn off the firewall filter entirely if you wish to turn pfSense into a pure router
  • Has three options for VPN connectivity: IPsec, OpenVPN, and PPTP
  • Is a stateful firewall, allowing fine-tuned control of your state table
  • Has a helpful reporting and monitoring system that maintains historical information on: CPU utilization, total throughput, firewall states, individual throughput for all interfaces, packets-per-second rates for all interfaces, WAN interface gateway(s) ping response times


Default Configuration

IP Address :
USER NAME : admin
PASSWORD: pfsense
DHCP Enabled


Hardware Specifications


Intel Atom N450, 1.66GHz




160GB (Untangle ) or  CF Card (pfsense)


4 X Intel Pro /1000 GigE LAN  (10/100/1000)

Rear I / O 4 * RJ-45 ports GigE LAN
2 * USB 2.0 ports
1 * VGA port
1 * COM Port (RJ45) -Console
1 * Power Switch
1 * DC in

Front I / O

2 * LED (PW,Status )                                                                                            4 * LED (Link/Active)

Chassis Dimensions 7" X 1.75" X 6" [WXHXD]



Package Contents :-  Mini Intel Atom Network Gateway with Untangle or Pfsense, AC Adaptor , Console Cable , Power Cord.

Base Configuration Included in this Purchase :- Untangle 10.x (64bit Lite Version) / pfSense, Atom N450, 2GB Memory , 4X Port Intel GigE LAN

TERMS - Brand New , 1 Yr WARRANTY available. Please let us know if you need Untangle or Pfsense