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Mini DC-DC Converter Adjustable 3A Power Supply Module 1.3V-25V with Voltmeter - FREE SHIP


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Small Mini DC-DC Converter adjustable power supply Module DC 1.3V to 25V Output


on board VOLTMETER

For many applications including Arduino, Raspberry PI, Sensors, Transducers, Robotics, Solar panel, Automotive, USB etc



This is the perfect mini supply for your projects needing up to 3A supply. Based on the famed LM-2596 buck converter it features all solid state capacitors in a well designed compact circuit board. These have 2 diagonal mount holes to accept standard PCB stand-offs, incase you decide to mount these. The 3 Digit Voltmeter extends out.


Input: DC 4.5V to 28V (Ideally input voltage must be higher than the output voltage by 2v)
Output DC 1.3V to 25V voltage continuously adjustable, high-efficiency step down mode.
Output current: Rated current is 3A or equal to 15Watts power . Heatsink recommended at Peak Operating limit
Dimensions 62 (L) * 26 (W) * 14 (H) mm (with potentiometer)


The In+,In- and out+,out- connections are clearly marked so as to avoid any confusion. Supply and output wires need to be soldered on to the pads.
These can adjust in the 0.01V increments using the potentiometer (Blue part with the brass screw). Converter is reported to be stable to one hundredth of a volt and with very little ripple .

On board Voltmeter Operation :

1.) Push Button S1 to configure boot behavior including turning off the Display

2.) Push once - Output Voltage Display , Toggle again - Input Voltage display , Toggle Again -Alternate

between Input and Output Voltage Display with 3 Seconds delay.

  [0] -> Output Voltage  [1] -> Input voltage , [2] -Alternating Input/Output Voltage

The applications and usage of these little power Boards are purely limited by your imagination :-)
The classic example being 12V to USB (5V supply) in your Auto - Can power upto 6 USB devices (@500mA) or perhaps 3 ipads or Bluetooth module at the same time.

Designed to withstand heat and abuse and even below freezing temps.
Working temperature: Industrial (-40  to +85 ° C)

These find use in many many applications - Arduino, Raspberry PI, Sensors, Transducers, Robotics, Solar panel voltage conversion, setting up a trailcam or being the swiss knife of power supply in your electronics hobby box or what ever you fancy.



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